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Carl Sandburg Love Poems

Carl Sandburg was a popular Swedish-American poet, novelist, and folklorist. He was regarded as “a major figure in contemporary world” at that time. What was special about his works?

First of all, Sandburg composed his poetry in free-verse. He thought that the rhyme was not the most important thing. Passion and love to those things you are writing about — this is what deserves admiration of readers. It is agreed, no one can deny the uniqueness of Sandburg’s poetry. Here are some verses from the poem where the author opens his heart to the love of writing and reading books.

“Like a book read over and over again

Like one book being a long row of books

Like leaves of windflowers bending low

And bending to be never broken.”

These lines show that Carl is interested in the connection between his hobby to read books and love to the surrounding world which is filled with beautiful moments. His inner desire to admire the nature fulfills his positive energy which can be felt between the lines.

Other love themes come up not in its ordinary shape here. We used to think about love as something that is going on between two people. But this person loved Chicago. This city inspired him, gave him strength and filled him with passion and affection to every little detail that was part of it. The author saw the beauty in its people, walls and streets. He loved the whole messy, noisy, brutal city in all its manifestations, its disadvantages and imperfections:

“ Stormy, husky, brawling,

City of the Big Shoulders.”

The central theme of the poems is the emotional tone that the author shares when talking about city. He wants everybody to see that Chicago is powerful and brave.

Here is a list of Carl Sandburg Love Poems